Auto dispatching module is designed to reduce errors, save time on scheduling deliveries and plan the routes. Manage Petro is a smart solution that can assign routes to drivers through recognizing patterns and giving recommendations to the dispatcher. Our dispatching module comes up with automatic dispatching plan. So the dispatcher only needs to confirm the delivery schedule after receiving the suggestion from the system. The system gives alerts on unassigned jobs and automatically assigns it to a route.

Our dispatching module can suggest the best route for deliveries based on truck location and traffic conditions. Also keep an eye on your fleet by knowing the exact location of the truck, its real-time inventory and its progress on the assigned deliveries.

Manage Petro estimates the volume of fuel that driver needs to pick up from the refinery based on historical loads. The recommendation from the system appears on the mobile app for the driver. The mobile app is the platform for real-time communication between the field and the office. Dispatch details are sent to a driver to do the delivery which will then comes back to the office (through an internet connection and in real-time) for invoicing.




  • Dispatch planning
  • Dispatch Pattern Recognition
  • The best route, truck location
  • Real-time communication
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Keep drivers pumping
  • Error-free dispatching
  • Accurate forecast for load pickup from a refinery
  • Invoice right after delivery