Control over your fuel operations

Extend control over your fuel operations with the comprehensive real-time Fuel Management Solution (FMS)

Manage Petro FMS (MP-FMS) is an online fuel management system that’s committed to providing you an automated work follow to run your business.

FMS gives you comprehensive and detailed access to manage inventories, track fuel sale orders, monitor rack price, invoicing, reporting and much more!

When using MP-FMS, both you and your customers are united under one central point. Customers have their own dashboard where they can conveniently track their own fuel delivered and can create new purchase orders.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what the Manage Petro Fuel Management Solution can do for your company:

  • Automated Sale work follow: Either your customer or your office staff can setup a purchase order for a single or recurring delivery with few clicks. A purchase order automatically becomes a driver’s work order on delivery due date. A delivery manifest goes to a draft invoice and auto calculate all client location‘s and unit’s setup fee and charges to an invoice draft. An invoice draft will send to customer and your accounting software with only one click after your team did the final review before submission.
  • Generate Detailed Sales Reports Within Minutes!: Eliminate future issues about invoices with our easy to use report generator. With a click of a few buttons, our system gives access to hundreds of detailed reports about fuel deliveries for you and your customers. These reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and generate accurate different metrics such as volume consumption, value, or revenue. Also you can filter or group by the details to each unit, fuel type, province, customer’s location, region, or a lot more. A report can be a full details with number or just a graph to show the trend and progress. You can export reports, save them, or receive them as an automated emails daily.
  • Stand Out From Your Competitors: Looking for that competitive edge that stands you out from competitors? By adding MP-FMS to your profile, you can offer your customers an easy to use platform to track their purchases and order fuel online within minutes. The ability to offer your customers a portal which they can check their sales reports is a huge added value to your fuel delivery service for your customers to keep the competitors behind. Your competitor has to spend a lot more time and money to be able to provide such details to their customers, while you just give it to your customer instantly on demands.
  • Simple Setup Structure: We understand the complexity of your organizational and operational setup. This is why MP-FMS offers the innovative company setup section covers needs such as offices, clients, locations, units, regions, taxes, dispensing fees, service charges, rack price history, and much more! This is meant to organize your company and customer hierarchy, giving you a new level of control over your fuel operations. The setup process is so easy to do that can be done within few hours.

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