FMS Version 7.14 Release Notes

These are the new updates from the Manage Petro’s mid-October release.

FMS Version 7.14 Release Notes



This version is compatible with Mobile App version 7.14. Please download the latest app version too. (
Compatible versions between FMS and App will have the same major and minor versions (X.Y).


#3351 Provinces – provide Country field
#2945 Manage Addresses
#3359 Compartments Fuel Type – mandatory


#3332 – Invoices – Set Invoice’s date with related Delivery’s date
#3355 Recurring Orders not populating Route planner when the day is not selecting.
#2885 Manage Accounting integration – Sage:
> Improvements / bug fixing


#3324 new fields in Dynamic Report
#3370 – Dynamic Report issues



#3238 Duplicated dispense amount when adding a task in Offline Mode – 7.0.21


#2617 Integrate FMS to Driver’s Mobile App (APIs)
> New APIs to increase performance


#3190 Import OPW card-lock:
#3362 Cardlock Invoice Show – issue with GUI
#3338 Cardlock Cards – System crashing on Chieftain when attempting to create New or Edit


#3329 Items Per Page and Page Jumper
#3361 Master System – Get Tenants – provide an attribute to specify whether a Tenant needs a large fetching


#3224 new fields in Dynamic Report (16 new filters added)

#3300 Fuel taxes – Provide possibility to select Individual Region exempts

#3190 – Import OPW card-lock as a vendor

#3357 – Truck Setup – When you have Tank Truck – the system will always ask for assembly of trailers

#3342 – Client Unit Price (Calculation Breakdown) – Rack price is shown only when you add disp fee

#3332 – Invoices – Set Invoice’s date with related Delivery’s date

#3290 – Fuel Tax Break down in Invoices option

#3288 – Fuel Tax – Filters added

#3287 – Service Charge – do not show in the invoice, if the value is 0

Please contact us if you need a demo on any of the above items or if you need a training od any section to implement it.


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