FMS Version 7.15 Release Notes


This version is compatible with Mobile App version 7.15. Please download the latest app version too. (
Compatible versions between FMS and App will have the same major and minor versions (X.Y).

These are the new updates from the Manage Petro’s mid-October release.

FMS Version 7.15 Release Notes



#3384 Locations – Display Routes which the Location is assigned
#3413 Offices – filter only Vendors from the same Province
#3414 client with no account number then make it blank
#3157 General Settings: Client’s default margin
#3257 Contacts – allows a contact to be attached to many Clients


#3393 Dispensing Fees not saving, Sort by Date.
#3373 Deliveries – updating an Invoiced Delivery: review status and QB status
#3409 Recurring Orders based on Route – fill all units of all selected locations
#3342 Client Unit Price (Calculation Breakdown) – Rack price is shown only when you add a dispensing fee
#3358 Recurring Orders – Orders generation based on a Route (set of Locations) and full-year Calendar for scheduling


#3370 Dynamic Report issues



#3407 Delivery Trips – Assign automatically Orders related to Route based Recurring Order
#3378 Routes – add an association with Locations
#3369 – Delivery Trips – Make Truck setup’s workflow more intuitive and smoother
#3385 Trip Planer – rename current functionality from “Route Planner” to Trip Planner


#3387 – FMS – Prints out Daily Driver Manifest (Removed image link in PDF)


#3128 API – Data fetching performance review – 75% fetch improvement (new algorithm)
#2617 Integrate FMS to Driver’s Mobile App (new APIs)

  • Performance Review: New APIs to send out to App more data at once (eg. Clients, Locations and Units)


#3395 Client Cardlock – Display cardlock default margin in the proper field


#3416 Cardlock Invoice – Calculate and Display Sales Taxes breakdown in invoices
#3401 Cardlock Invoice – Rounding issue
#2958 Cardlock taxation (reverse calculation)
#2892 Cardlock Transactions – Provide automatic Invoicing with Import Process
#3376 – Cardlock Transactions – Provide mapping code fields for Stations and Items
#3379 – Cardlock Margins are not saved in DB, until you press save


#3402 Sage Export: add a new column in CSV file – Delivery Ticket #

Please contact us if you need a demo on any of the above items or if you need a training od any section to implement it.


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