Power of customized modules

Extend Fuel Management Solution (FMS) power with add-ons and customized modules:

Manage Petro FMS has many tools and modules on top of its features to extend the power in your hands. Features are keep adding for all the customers free of charge constantly. Modules are:


  • Fuel forecasting: Have you ever had a client asking for fuel furcating on a project? Do you ever needed to know how to manage your orders not to over stock nor under minimum inventory level with your fuel level? The Fuel Forecasting module can help you and your customer to forecasting the fuel inventory needs for project or a special period of time base on real statistics collected in the system.
  • Project Management: If your client done a fuel cost forecasting for a project, how do they know if they are realistically on the budget or not? How do they want to see the effect of rack price changes to their project? Do they know how much more fuel they will need before the project finishes at certain point of time? The MP-FMS Project Management feature will give them the power to stay on the budget or see the changes in the project’s fuel consumption. Trying to manage multiple projects in minimum time? No need to worry anymore!
  • Dynamic Dashboard: Our state-of-the-art dynamic dashboards gives you a 360-degree view of your fuel operations. Especially for the busy owners, it can allow them to view their financial progress and operations within the company instantly. Your staff also has their own unique dashboard based on their job when they are a bookkeeper or the delivery driver. Customer’s admin and staff also have they own dashboard if you allow them to have one. Personalized dashboard make the daily activities lot easier and proactive if you do not to repeat some clicks and page visits every hour.
  • And Much, Much, More!

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