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Mobile App. release Jan 2021:

A new version of the app is available today, and it includes the following changes:

1. Locations and their address on multiple lines in the Work Order List*
2. Increased Compartment drop-down size on the Fuel Dispense screen to avoid confusion with the Drivers
3. Auto-select last used compartment if it’s not empty
4. Formatting updates on Delivery Tickets/Invoices*
5. Auto-select BaseNG Product based on rebranded Fuel Type
6. Automatic refresh once per day after 6 AM to avoid issues when the driver forgets to refresh the app
7. Navigation based on Location’s address and Postal Code instead of its coordinates
8. Overwrite Current Amount and Edit Inventory when BaseNG is running
9. Auto-Logout disabled when driver is actively using the iPad
10. Refresh all Units’ attributes like Fuel Type, Unit Type, etc.
11. Scan and Search Units with Barcodes
12. Delivery Summary on Work Order Details screen
13. Precision of the Compartments’ Fuel Quantity Percentage on Truck Details screen
14. Minor bug fixes for Fuel Adjustment and Dip-reading screen, Queue processing, and Compartments displayed on Truck Manifest