Manage Petro is a Fuel Delivery Management Back-office software.

Every day the world runs on fuel and pumping the fuel is your currency. Fuel cost is an ongoing concern of any fleet owner. Manage Petro is helping the fuel delivery management to reach the edge of the technology, by integrating with smart sensors, in-truck devices and pumps through its mobile app .That is why Manage Petro became the leader of the cloud-based fuel delivery management solutions. Our special online solution is a unified system totally different from any other software out there. Manage Petro provides you with the solution to the top 7 main challenges of the industry: Unaccounted lost inventory, Human errors, Lack of Financial Clarity, Slow invoicing, HR Risks, Lack of affordable and Easy to learn Fuel Management Solutions(FMS).

Manage Petro is a fully automated solution, developed precisely for fuel delivery industry managers. Data is collected automatically and synced with the cloud server flawlessly to eliminate  any human errors throughout the entire business processes : Purchase Orders, Dispatching, Trucking, Routing, Bookkeeping, Reporting, and Collecting Payments. The main cloud-based server is constantly syncing to capture latest delivery details over live Internet connection. When the devices are offline, our software stores the data in the devices company wide for the next synchronization when they are back online.

Manage Petro was developed exactly for you ,the operation manager or dispatcher, in charge of growing the company while improving efficiency and productivity at the same time. Your office can see the result from the system in the first few months, the return on investment will happen in less than 12 months. Unaccounted lost inventory,as high as 5%, would be almost eliminated by Manage Petro’s loss detection module. That itself could save $1000’s for you. With Manage Petro every truck, tank, and activity must be authorized prior to dispensing. Use of paper and manual data entry will vanish through automation and IoT systems. Manage Petro will keep you in full control. Only Manage Petro can provide you with the answer to all of the top 7 challenges in the fuel delivery industry. Our software accounts for individual units of delivery. We can show you how you can save $20,000 per year on average, risk-free, on every truck that you have!

Keep pumping efficiently not driving unsatisfactorily.

Now, nothing is impossible.

Do you want to securely grow your fuel delivery operation?

Let’s face it, managing your fuel-delivery operations can be a challenge, not to mention growing your company at the same time.

From accounting for every drop of fuel that comes in and out to allocating the workload across different regions, to managing drivers and keeping customers satisfied, your job isn’t easy.

In fact, here are some common issues you could face when not using a fuel management solution:

  • Lack of control and management of your fuel assets.
  • Inaccurate record keeping and delays.
  • Human errors and their costs.
  • What it all means: LOST REVENUE.

But the issues don’t end there…

Your customers are probably frustrated because they aren’t receiving full details of each fuel delivery or the breakdowns they might need for a special report.

Most likely, you are giving customers a bulk sum invoice at the end of each month without accurate details of each delivery. This results in your customers asking:

  1. Which one of my locations did you deliver fuel to?
  2. Which unit did you fill?
  3. How many liters of fuel did you deliver to that unit?
  4. Can I have the details about all Dyed Diesel you delivered to Location X in October?
  5. Could you make sure all my units are filled up on 20th of next month for a new project?

Like you, customers want an easy-to-use online solution that can manage the fuel in their operations, thereby accounting for every drop of fuel they received from you.

For that, you need a unified point that connects both you and your customers.

Luckily, we have the solution that solves all your fuel management woes…

Our FMS enables the complete management of fuel distribution while improving overall efficiency through a quick, simple system. It creates greater visibility of inventory, expenditure, and margins while reducing run-outs, loss-of fuel and over/underpayments. Our FMS has the ability to supervise maintenance needs and forecasts while ensuring complete manageability over consumable assets within your enterprise.

Our FMS will help you:


Our FMS will organize your data so you won’t have to. From delivery scheduling to invoicing, just fill in the blanks from one central location. Our FMS will automatically generate graphs and help create clear, appropriate and accurate reports with just one click.

Create Greater Visibility

Keep track of all the national/international enterprises. Get a better understanding through the accurate information of who, what, when, where and why through a precise system.

Save Money

More automation leads to less human error and money lost through mistakes; so inefficient use of time and resources will no longer be a problem.

The fuel management system (FMS) is made up of 4 main areas: Setup, Processes, Reporting, and Tools:

In the Setup area, companies can create and manage all their clients, locations, units and credentials.
In the Processes section, companies manage and automate daily work orders, deliveries and invoices.
In the Reporting area, companies and their clients can create any kind of reports related to cost, consumption, fees and any other data collected in the system
In the Tools section, there are many advanced features to be used by companies and clients such as loss detection, fuel usage forecasting, project management, equipment rental, hardware integration and a lot more.

Our FMS is expanding every day and we are adding new features to the system based on the industry’s needs. We are fully capable of customizing the solution for your needs if any customization required.

Our FMS is designed and developed to create real-time monitoring of fuel delivery and improve fuel delivery efficiency. It is intended to reduce delivery labor cost, decrease fleet expenses and add more safety and security to the company data. This will improve your customer service and add value to your business. Your customers will be fully aware of all the deliveries.Your sales, delivery and financing functions will be fully automated. By adding our FMS to your company, you will eliminate a great deal of duplicated labor cost, human mistakes, and delays in delivery and invoice. Our FMS will synchronize your accounting and delivery in real time and create savings by automating your bookkeeping system.

FMS Structure

Setup Section

Company setup

Tax setup

Products setup


Client locations

Client units

Unit types (truck, bulldozer, power generator, etc.)

Service charge per location

Dispensing fee per location

PST exempt

Training videos

Import / export data

Sales Process 

 Orders (by phone or online)

 Work order for drivers

 Manifest of delivery paper base

 Digital manifest

 Draft invoice

 Final invoice

 Transfer to accounting software (QuickBooks)


 Graphs (5 formats – line, bar, radar, donut, pie)

 Details (on screen, PDF, CSV, Excel)

 Report generator (unlimited number of report possibilities)

 Multi-metric to create reports (fuel delivery value, fuel delivery volume, revenue, gross income, etc.)

 Filter your reports (by date range, location, unit type)

 Save report presets for future recall

 Fuel cost report

Advanced Tools

Loss detection
IoT Integration
Fleet Management
Drivers’ performance
Fuel forecasting
Project management
Rental units
Best Route
Auto dispatching
Mobile App (iOS / Android)
Burn rate
Tank Level
Auto re-ordering
Inventory tracking
Advanced CRM
LC Control Integration