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Whenever I receive a delivery I expect the delivery professional to use some form or electronic device to record the delivery has taken place. I always wonder about the competence of a business when I am presented with a paper delivery form to sign. It’s nothing to do with how good they are; I’m biased by the likes of Fedex, Amazon or UPS into expecting a paperless or electronic experience.

This month Manage Petro introduces is mobility app to complement and extend the functionality of its Fuel distribution back office solution. This is important for several reasons; reasons that will improve the profitability of your business and potential impacts improving staff morale, reducing duplicate data entry, and byproducts of improved precision and speed.

There are 2 major elements to a mobility solution – connectivity and data. Connectivity provides you with the ability to receive new data that has been collected and change the priorities of the tickets the delivery profession is working on.

Data. Businesses today run on data. Data falls into 2 categories; information necessary to complete a function – place an order, book a delivery, record site fuel deliveries or issue an invoice, and data that can be used to improve performance – distance between delivery locations, time spent on site, time spent waiting for site access or average deliveries per day for example.

In capturing new data the best route is to only capture the new information required. If I deliver to a customer’s site manage Petro already knows the site address, so the delivery professional shouldn’t waste time re-entering this information. Just record site activity; fuel delivered, spills and a customer signature for proof of delivery. Actions are recorded using any iOS or Android tablet eliminating the need for handwriting and reducing the potential for human error.

Before discussing connectivity there is a knock on effect for this precision in capturing data this way. Your office staff are no longer having to process 10s or 100s of handwritten delivery tickets and can focus on other tasks like invoicing or phoning a customer to organise a new delivery. Drivers spend less time on site and have the possibility to complete another delivery raising the number of deliveries per day, or business revenue and profit.

So mobility data for your delivery professions delivers speed and accuracy or I prefer creating time and driving precision. All of which effect your business and the customer’s experience in a good way.

Connectivity is another a way of accelerating the flow of information. Without a connected mobility solution you need to wait for the driver to return to the office to process the delivery information and create an invoice for your customer. The time to request money from your customer will be at typically one day or many hours and may involve multiple people and steps. Connectivity delivers the information to the office in minutes enabling you to invoice your customer in 20 minutes after the delivery was made.

A quick invoice means your business is paid faster, and the customer experiences fast timely delivery and processing. In today’s competitive world a solution that delivers a great customer journey and improves your business cash flow is something that you should investigate.

In the world of fuel delivery there will always be a priority that changes on the day.  It’s great that you can help customer’s requests for these emergency fuel deliveries, but you should always consider the costs on your business – longer routes, deliveries not being made, more stops at the refinery.  Connectivity can’t resolve your customer’s priority requests directly – what it can do, combined with data enables you to look and predict when customers are likely to require fuel deliveries and haven’t scheduled them yet.

If you remember the time your admin staff had from not entering ticket data, this time can be spent adding value to your customer and helping them manage their fuel requirements – a great service for them and less disruption for your business.

Mobility is one tool.  It’s a great tool that provides productivity improvements for drivers or fuel delivery professionals.  Mobile solution on their own are great; combined with a Fuel management back Office Solution it’s like a time machine and rocket for your business.

Manage Petro’s Fuel Delivery Back Office and Mobility solution will boost your business productivity, help reduce admin load and deliver key insights into how your business is preforming.  If you are still using paper tickets and excel spreadsheets to manage your delivery business a fuel delivery management system will help your business grow and help improve customer satisfaction.

Manage Petro provides Fuel management Solutions for Fuel delivery companies offering petroleum based fuels and packaged inventory.  The introduction of the mobility solution is the first in a series of planned upgrades this year driving innovation in fuel distribution.

“Mobility solutions are a fantastic tool to leverage in improving business efficiency and productivity.  Let us show you the value your business can attain, and how to integrate Mobility into your Business and show you the ROI.” Ali Tavanayan, CEO Manage Petro

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