Manage Petro originally is a fuel and propane delivery management system with a lot of added features and modules around the delivery business needs. Manage Petro design be software engineers working directly with a fuel delivery companies. The whole system designed based on all the industry standards and the business needs. We know that no two companies do the business the same way, therefore Manage Petro design to be adaptable to any fuel delivery business model. Designing the Manage Petro structure we thought about every individual position in a delivery company and their automation needs.

Manage Petro keep it simple and easy to learn, but smart to prevent all possible human errors.

Based on the technologies that we used and going toward the trends in the industry and technology Manage Petro is the Netflix of fuel delivery management, to kick out the older Blockbusters competitions out.

  • We believe that the office assistant, at a fuel delivery company, should be able to save time spent on invoice creation by 90%, through the ability to automatically generate invoices as result of our digital manifest workflow.
  • We believe that the Operation managers in fuel Delivery Company who is stuck behind his/her desk should be able to automate repetitive daily activities by 85% through the ability to auto dispatching and delivery management. As a result of our auto workflow implemented in Manage Petro.
  • We believe that the Accountant of a fuel delivery company who is managing complex multi-state taxation should be able to eliminate the risk of errors in accounts and tax reconciliation by 100% through the ability to maintain all the accounts risk-free as a result of Manage Petro smart invoicing, tax calculating, and reporting.
  • We believe that the Manager of a fuel delivery company should be able to Eliminate human errors were causing a delay in the payment collection by 100%.
  • We believe that the Owners of a fuel delivery company should be able to Asses business health and performance By Only 1 click through the ability to Review all business critical metrics. As a result of MP-FMS advance management dashboard.

Manage Petro offers automated and real-time monitoring of your fleet in either wet hosing or bulk fuel and propane delivery business, so you have complete control over your entire operation. Manage Petro is fully connected and synchronized with accounting software, equipment sensor hardware, and third-party applications through APIs and web services.

It keeps the full history of all the details you need including but not limited to price history, delivery details, and dispensing volumes.

Manage Petro gives you instant access to orders, deliveries, invoices, and reports on any device and platform in real-time.

MP-FMS’s smart automated invoicing system allows you to create a client’s monthly invoice in less than 2 minutes. It breaks down data by location, sites, date range, unit, consumption, equipment type, region and more to help you control cost.

Manage Petro’s automation helps eliminate human error which will ultimately make your fluid delivery operation a risk-free environment.

On-Site Fuel Delievry Management

  • Full integration with accounting software
  • Integration with Tank Sensor
  • Smart auto invoicing
  • Auto dispatching
  • Pricing system
  • Mobile App for drivers
  • No more manual data entry
  • Auto reordering for tanks
  • One-Click invoice
  • Get paid faster
  • System calculated price and tax
  • Real-time communication with the office
  • All data in a central location
  • Eliminate human errors