“Manage Petro provided us with an integrated solution that provided significant efficiencies in the way we capture and leverage data from sections of our website, to functional applications that our staff use, to integrations with our back-end accounting software. We are very pleased with their work.”

Benjamin Ryan, Chief Commercial Officer of Air North, Yukon’s Airline.

July 2018


“I am quite impressed that Manage Petro is innovative yet so simple to use. Manage Petro automates the entire fuel delivery operation from the first step of receiving the order from the customer through to the last stage of invoicing customers and getting paid fast. This solution will help delivery companies get rid of human errors and unaccounted fuel loss. This is the ultimate solution for fuel delivery companies that want to become more profitable. Every fuel delivery company should use Manage Petro’s back office software.”

John Jorsvik, Branch Manager, Advance Engineered Products

March 2018


“Manage Petro is the most comprehensive and detailed solution I’ve ever seen. The program’s flexibility and responsiveness to even subtle daily changes in everything from tax to volume are unparalleled.

The resulting benefits to the user, even the technically challenged ones, are mind-boggling.”

Oct 2017

Dwayne McArthur, Director of the Red Deer Oil & Gas Expo


“In order for us to make money, all our drivers need to have access to the right data. With Manage Petro we don’t have to worry about it anymore. Manage Petro allows me to have time away from my desk so I can work on getting new business. Within the first 7 months, our productivity increased by 24%.”

Jun 2017

Anthony Patraszewski, Executive Manager at HiWay Fuel Services, BC


“In Manage Petro everything is centralized in one platform and the system is very smart. It minimizes user errors and can correct itself. It reduces a large amount of workload in one perfect system. Now we can accommodate more clients. I would like to recommend Manage Petro to be considered for the way to go as Fuel Delivery Solution for companies in this field. I believe Manage PEtro would be an excellent solution because due to our success we continue to expand our reach into different markets.”

Jan 2017

Kelly Grehan, President / Owner at Hiway Fuel Services, BC