This module increases your card-lock invoicing performance.

Manage Petro migrates your card-lock transactions along with the rest of your fuel, propane or lubricant delivery business data.

Manage Petro imports Card-lock files from all your vendors. By importing transactions you can automatically generate invoices and send them to clients (optional). The profit margins, fees, purchase prices and card-lock ID numbers all are set up in each customer’s profile in advance.

You can create invoices directly from Card-Lock transactions in just one click.

Manage Petro support Huskey, Chevron, ComData, and OPW card-lock systems. (Importing transaction and auto invoicing)

Import transactions screen:


Create Invoice screen:



Card-lock Module



  • Auto transactions import
  • Manual transactions upload
  • Auto or one-click create invoices
  • Supports unlimited card-lock vendors
  • Integrates with card-lock IDs
  • Predefined margins and profits ($ or %)
  • Detailed reporting section
  • Save time on card-lock invoicing
  • Unified with the delivery system
  • One-click auto invoicing
  • Card-lock revenue reports
  • Attach transactions to client profiles
  • Avoid invoicing errors
  • Access to reports for clients (optional)