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Card-lock Invoicing

Manage Petro’s smart CardLock automated invoicing module allows you to create a client’s individual or periodic invoices in less than a minute.

Our Module can breakdown data of margins, fees, rack price, taxes, pricing model by location, sites, multi pricing models, date range, unit, fuel type, consumption, equipment type and regions. It’s all in the system and invoices are generated for you in a single click.

Manage Petro fully integrates with your accounting software. This means that as soon as fuel is delivered, auto-generated invoices are in your client’s mailbox and also sent to your accounting software. No more rummaging through stacks of paper, no more human-errors in bookkeeping department, no more delays to send invoices out and no more worrying about tax and price calculation accuracy. Just easily find out which invoices are outstanding at any given time.

Manage Petro’s invoicing module handles all your pricing requirements.

You don’t have to worry about complex taxation and price structures anymore.

Also, You can choose to give access to log into the system to see only their company’s status of delivery, invoices, and payments. You have full control of what your clients can access because you set up all the permissions.

Manage Petro can also get connected to your payment processor and your bank and ask clients to pay online. With full integration with your accounting software, you can trace delayed payments instantly. Manage Petro can send payment reminders to the accounting software and to your clients based on the payment terms of clients.



  •  Automated bookkeeping & invoicing
  •  Single click invoicing
  •  Client access
  •  Multi pricing model
  •  Rack price tracking


  •  Timesaver on invoicing and tracking deliveries
  •  Get paid faster
  •  Clarity and peace of mind (office and clients)
  •  Error-free tax, price, fees and credit calculation
  •  Hassle free bill payment
  •  Instant invoicing