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Tracking inventory and reconsolidating the volumes is a critical challenge for companies that trace their assets on paper. Manage Petro significantly improves your inventory management through loss detection, forecasting, and third-party integration.

Our Loss detection module deals with unaccounted inventory loss which could be as high as 5%. That alone could save $1000’s for you. In addition to that, our solution provides you with a forecast based on historical data. This makes the ordering process optimal and takes out the guesswork. So you will maximize your time and resources and minimize the risk of having leftover inventory.

Manage Petro integrates with third-party devices like tank sensors (Veeder Roots), pumps, registers and etc. It enables tanks sensors to re-order for the tank when they reach the low-level threshold. So you not only avoid unnecessary trips but also keep your clients’ tanks full on-time all the time.

Inventory tracking and reconciliation


  • Loss detection and prevention
  • Burn rate forecast
  • Integration with tank’s sensors
  • Integration with in-truck registers
  • Auto re-ordering


  • More profit
  • Eliminate unnecessary trips
  • Alert system on discrepancies
  • Inventory reports and reconsolidation
  • Accounting integration
  • Fast reconsolidation process
  • Financial clarity