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IoT sensors
Tank Monitoring

IoT Tank monitoring
TSM8000 Series Monitor

Our partners’ IoT devices and sensors install either on the delivery tanker or the client’s tanks.

Manage Petro is an Internet-based solution that communicates with devices and sensors using IoT technology. IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things’ which includes any device that could be controlled and read over the internet.

Manage Petro keeps you in the driving seat of your operation and takes away the cost of errors.

We control and track the volume of fuel that goes into each individual unit. For example, if a certain unit isn’t in the delivery schedule and if it is being filled up by mistake, our intelligent system can stop the pump. When using full integration with pumps and registers, our solution removes the need for manual entry by drivers after fuel delivery. We offer your drivers the freedom to spend their working day efficiently and on what matters most.

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IoT sensors for tank monitoring

Manage Petro is a powerful system built on the latest technology, yet simple and easy to install and learn.

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OilMo Bild FSA black RGB Kopie
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  •  Full integration with third party devices
  •  Integration with RFID tags
  •  Full integration with in-truck devices
  •  Offline Data storage in devices
  •  Auto reordering by tank


  •  Eliminate unnecessary trips
  •  Keep clients’ tanks full
  •  Maximize delivery volume
  •   Prevent unauthorized dispensing
  •  Detailed reports on the date, volume, and unit
  •  Monitor your business—wherever you are
  •  All data captured online