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weekly meetings
For a minimum of 3 months we will have on-going weekly meeting to make sure you are ready to use the system.
One-n-One training
We will have one and one trainning to walk you trhough the system. All one-n-one trainning will record and publish on a privet YouTube channel for you and your team.
Knowledgebase Wiki
The knwoledgebase Wiki is the training center to access step-by-step training for anything that you need to learn about Manage Petro. You have access to screenshots, vides, and instructions on how-to for all of the functions.
Staging environment
While you are training we share a staging environment with you with sample data that you can practice an dlearn the system. This sand-box staging environment will be use to train new employees down the road too.
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We understand the importance of training to be able to use the system proactively.

We put in a lot of effort to make sure that you are going to have all the resources that you need to learn and use the system as easily and as fast as possible.

This means that we provide our customers with the support they need to be successful in using our system. We begin by giving you a one-on-one training session to offer a solid knowledge foundation for using the platform. 

Then, we’ll give you access to our training center to watch step-by-step training videos and access our documentation in our comprehensive wiki.

Last but not least, you will get access to our technical support team to log and handle any requests or issues.


  •  One-on-one training
  •  Weekly meetings
  •  Comprehensive on-line wiki
  •  Privet YouTube Chanel
  •   Customer support system


  •  Designed to be easy to learn
  •   Many resources available
  •   Team members are reachable
  •   Online portal to ask questions