Loss prevention and detection module deal with unaccounted inventory loss which could be as high as 5% in a lot of companies. This module alone could save $1000’s for your company. Manage Petro integrates with most in-truck devices including registers (LC, MID: COM, TCS), GPS, geo-fencing and handheld devices (Base Engineering). The integration brings about benefits like inventory consolidation and pumps control to stop dispensing for unauthorized locations and tanks.

Manage Petro can control and track the volume of fuel that goes into each individual unit. For example, if a certain unit isn’t in the delivery schedule or if a driver is about to put the wrong fuel in the wrong tank, the systems can actually stop the pump and prevent the loss.

GeoFencing (optional)

Geo-fencing is a feature that Manag Petoro could enforce and prevent a truck’s pump and register to start if the truck is not at an identified client’s location. The in truck hardware, could control the register and shut down the pump to make sure nobody can pump out the fuel if it is not a client. This option could be overridden with special permissions for authorized drivers.


RFID detection (optional)

Manage Petro could enforce the existence of a registered client’s RFID tag to keep the register and pump working. In a case that the nozzle detached from the RFID tag, we can command the pump to start instantly. This feature will make sure the fuel goes only and only to registered tanks that registered with a client’s profile and location. This option could be overridden with special permissions for authorized drivers.


Loss Prevention and Detection Module

  • Fuel loss prevention
  • Integration with in-truck devices
  • GEO fencing
  • RFID tank authentication
  • Detect tank fuel type
  • Control the pump activity (start / stop)
  • More profit
  • Allow only authorized dispensing
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Clarity of inventory and financial
  • Inventory reconsolidation
  • Eliminate human error