We know the importance of training to be able to use the system proactively. Therefore, we spend a lot of effort to make sure that you are going to have all the resources that you need to learn the system as easily and as fast as possible.

We provide our customers with the support they need to be successful in using the system. We start by giving you one on one training in person to make a solid knowledge foundation for using the platform. You will then be granted access to our training center to watch step by step training videos and accessing our documentation in our wiki web site that answers all questions.

When new staff is added to the team, they will also be granted access to the training material.

Last but not least, you will get access to our technical support team which is a ticket-based system to log and handle requests.

Features Benefits
One and one training (Recorded too) Design to be easy to learn
Video training Multi resources available
Documented Wiki with screenshots Available online to your new team members
HELP system for supports Portal to ask questions