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We believe that we deliver values to our clients, within the sale process we need to make sure that our software is a good fit for your company and adding value as you wish.

We provided adequate information in our website to help you decide whether you want to come on board of the automation route not. Our solution is customizable and modular and it would have been a very busy website if we included all the possible options. In order to understand your company, and what lies beneath we recommend a consultation session.

Our sales process included few steps as listed below:

Discovery Phase

In a consultation session with a Manage Petro sales representative, you can fully discover what we can do for your business. We know that no two businesses have the same practices, so in our consultation session we ask questions to understand your business and needs. Therefore our business analysis team will try to learn about your business first, to provide you with the best fitting solution covering all your needs.

Through the discovery process, we will send you a small video to watch, a questioner to answer. If you need to sign an NDA with us, we understand the confidentiality of the information and we are more than happy to sign the NDA with your company.

Are we the right fit?

After the discovery phase we customize our demo to match your specific needs. At the demo, our goal is to ensure that Manage Petro is the right fit for your business and vice versa. We believe this is the most important stage because it will give us a solid foundation for building a successful long-term relationship. To book a demo time you can click here.

Let’s get started

Once both sides are happy with moving forward, the staging process begins which includes migration of existing data and training. When this phase is completed, we will be ready to go live with your production.