Rack price tracking can be a challenge for most fuel delivery companies especially if you are dealing with multiple vendors and different pricing models for clients. Get rid of this hassle by benefiting from Manage Petro rack price tracking feature.

You can set rack prices by different variables and they will be automatically distributed throughout the system. You can set your rack prices for individual vendors, fuel types, price models, offices, states, and regions. This will be applied to all calculations from ordering to taxing to invoicing in daily or weekly format. Additionally, Manage Petro allows you to review or modify the history of your pricing even at invoicing stage.

Choose to enter the rack prices manually or let the system fetch them from a vendor system automatically.

Rack price tracking and history

  • Multiple-vendor support
  • Multi price model support
  • Tracking by an office, state, or region
  • Auto-retrieves rack prices from vendor
  • Keeps the full history of prices
  • Flexibility to change prices
  • Error free
  • Easy pricing
  • Fast invoicing
  • Manual entry eliminated
  • Easy to change at any stage