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How implementation and setup works

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 Implementation Process

In this phase, we are going to collect, migrate, prepare, and train the platform to new users. Within this process, you will learn about all system functions, data structure, internal relations, and all the modules. By sharing documents, we will import your existing data into the Manage Petro database. Preparing to be ready to work on Production Environment with emphasis training on the Staging Environment firstly.

Implementation 1- Staging Environment (30 to 60 days)

            A testing and training environment (Staging Environment) will be implemented to allow all users to adapt easily.

Creating the perfect environment to work needs preparation and to accomplish it, our team effort is to warranty the proper functioning by the following steps:

  • Two months of weekly training- training all people to whom the system is addressed. Answering questions, videos and other means of communication to improve the learning process.
  • Migrating the company’s data to our database – at this phase, we are going to work hard to obtain accurate company data to import them into our database. This is an important step, the data shared will be part of the user’s system information.
  • Assignments – it is the manner we are going to obtain the company’s data, sharing digital documents.
  • Tests – our team will be running tests constantly to ensure the system is ready.

Implementation 2 – Production Environment and Knowledge Base

Within 2 months:

  • All data will be collected and inserted on the Production Environment and all the system configured;
  • Verifying with accounting whether all invoices are correct to launch on the software;
  • Keep available the Staging Environment to run training and tests, also training new associates;
  • A knowledge Base platform containing video and commented screenshots will be provided to keep clear the learning path.

Working together and meeting all assignment due dates, it is possible to finish the implementation process in 2 to 4 months.

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Schedule to see the system in action

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