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Manage Petro is an online fuel, lubricant, and liquid delivery management back office software which specializes in automating the entire delivery process. It creates, manages, automates and standardizes all the key components of your business operation in a central location. It resolves the concerns of those managing the dispatching, billing, accounting, fleet, delivery, and inventory.

Manage Petro can handle as many users as you need. It also gives you real-time communication between those in the field and the office. Many drivers and management recognize the benefits of our effective solution.

We recommend that you book a consultation with a Manage Petro sales representative to fully discover what we can do for your business. We recognize that no two businesses have the same practices, so in our consultation session we ask questions to understand your business and your needs.

After that, we customize our demo to match your specific needs. At the demo, our goal is to ensure that Manage Petro is the right fit for your business and vice versa. This is the most important stage for us, because we will be building a long-term relationship based on that. Once both sides are happy with moving forward, the staging process begins. This includes all existing data migration and training. When this phase is completed, we will be ready to go live with your production installation.

Manage Petro has the capacity to support an unlimited fleet size. You can benefit from our features whether you’re a small, three vehicle operation or own thousands of vehicles and equipment.

We know that no two companies do the business the same way. Manage Petro is designed as a modular system that adapts to any business model. Through our discovery phase with you, we establish whether or not we need to make any adjustments to adapt to the way you do business.

Manage Petro creates, manages and standardizes all the key components of your operation in a central location. Every purchase order, whether individual or recurring, is treated as an electronic transaction. This allows customers to benefit from a smooth ordering process. Furthermore, our system keeps track of your clients’ purchase order numbers and internal invoicing numbering, so individual orders are easily trackable.

Yes, Manage Petro is fully integrated with QuickBooks and Simply Accounting (Sage). No import or export is required. The system automatically sends the invoices and billable items to the clients’ respective accounts in the accounting software. Manage Petro can accommodate other accounting software too, if required.

Yes, Manage Petro is fully integrated with multiple accounting software. The system automatically sends the invoices and billable items to the respective  clients’ accounts in the accounting software.

Yes, Manage Petro covers all fuel taxes, sales taxes and regional taxes. Manage Petro also covers taxes by physical and virtual regions (e.g. GVRD). Our taxation process is fully audited with CPAs. We can review them with your accountant as well.

Yes, drivers use a mobile app on their mobile device which stores all the delivery data in its own database at all times. When the devices are back online it will automatically be synchronized with the back office.

Yes, Manage Petro supports multiple locations for every client, multiple units or tanks for every location, plus multiple fuel tanks for a unit (e.g. like in a refrigeration truck). Manage Petro provides you with the functionality of having multiple locations for businesses whether they are franchises, subsidiaries or just branches.

Yes, Manage Petro can automate dispatching, delivery scheduling, invoicing, bookkeeping, and reports. It captures all the details of your fleet, drivers, deliveries, and finances. However, you also have the option of doing every individual step in your own way. For example, you can have the office staff use the auto-invoicing process but let the drivers use paper-based methods.

Yes, Manage Petro isn’t a system on top of your current tasks. It is there to automate time-consuming operations. It creates, manages, automates and standardizes all the key components of your operation. Data is stored in a central location, so no more rummaging through stacks of paper to find information.

We developed Manage Petro to make your business more profitable by eliminating waste and automating processes. Whether you want to stop wasting time on repetitive tasks, get rid of human errors or eliminate your unaccounted fuel loss, we have got you covered.

We believe that everyone in your team should spend time on what matters the most to your business. So, we automated your processes because we know that paperwork and manual entry takes a tremendous amount of time. We developed modules to make your invoicing ~90% faster and dispatching ~85% faster.

We believe that financial errors, which happen in handling complex tax structures and fluctuating price models, cost businesses a great deal. So, we automated it for you to become free from errors.

We believe that you can only manage what you can measure and monitor. So, we developed a powerful reporting module for you to have all the data you need whenever and wherever.

Manage Petro’s reporting module drastically improves clarity for your company’s management and increases your clients’ trust in your services. Your team or your clients can generate reports to see metrics. We have metrics such as revenue, total delivery volume, consumption, rack history, and work orders undertaken in our reports generated. You can access the data in a tabular or graphic format. A report style could also be saved for future, easy access.

You can use reporting as a CRM or a marketing tool to map all clients’ information like their pricing, payment terms, and locations all on one page. 

It can also be used to monitor your rack pricing history.

Manage Petro can handle as many users as you need. In our system, there is a provision for every possible role in the company. You can even give access to your clients to check their accounts. You have full control over who sees what through the permission settings on the platform. Our permissions control system is robust and thorough.

Drivers receive their daily work order through the back office via Manage Petro’s mobile app. The driver will capture the delivery manifest in a digital format, all through the same device. All this data is automatically synchronized between the mobile device and the back-office. Therefore, this gives office administrators the ability to monitor drivers’ hours, work orders, progress, live inventory, finished deliveries, invoices, and location on the dashboard in real-time.

Yes, you can choose to enter the rack prices manually, or let the system fetch it from a vendor system automatically. Rack prices could be set by different variables and will be automatically distributed throughout the system. This will be applied to all calculations—from ordering, to taxing, to invoicing in a daily or weekly format. Additionally, Manage Petro allows you to review or even modify the history of your pricing in rack price level or at invoice level.