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Manage Petro is many systems in one, making your entire operation efficient and paperless. It stores all your data in a central location, so you have a full picture of all the entities you deal with. You can use Manage Petro as your CRM or a marketing tool to map all clients’ information like their pricing, payment terms and locations on one page. Manage Petro provides you with the functionality of having multiple locations for businesses whether they are franchises, subsidiaries or just branches.

By linking Manage Petro to your company’s official website, you will have the power to capture the leads from your website and directly convert them to customers.

Manage Petro supports multiple locations for every client, multiple units or tanks for every location, plus multiple fuel tanks for a unit (e.g. Refrigeration truck). Also, you can use it to keep track of your rack prices.

Customer Relation Managment (CRM)


  • Supports multiple locations for clients
  • Includes all details of clients
  • Central Data storage
  • Integration with your website


  • Instant access to clients’ locations and units
  • Easy client mapping
  • Easy access to pricing and payment terms
  • Track leads and prospects
  • Convert leads to clients with one click