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Report generator

Manage Petro’s reporting module drastically improves clarity for your company’s management to measure metrics and manage the business. We have metrics such as revenue, total delivery volume, consumption, rack history and work orders load for generating reports.

It increases your clients’ trust in your services. Your team or your clients can generate reports to see metrics. You have full control over what users (internal or external) can access through “Permission Settings”.

You can use the reporting as your CRM or a marketing tool to map all clients’ information like their pricing, payment terms and locations on one page. Also, you can use it to keep track of your rack prices.

For better visualization and understanding of big data, you can choose to see reports in graph format. Save your favorite reports as preset ones to generate them in one click instead of doing it from scratch every time.

Manage drivers’ performance in all your locations through performance feature.

Use rack price history feature to get a full picture of rack prices of any fuel type you sell at any location over your chosen timeline.

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Report Generator


  • Unlimited reporting
  • Dynamic selection report
  • Preset reports
  • Rack Price History
  • Clients’ access
  • Online access


  • Measure financial performance
  • Built-in CRM
  • One-click report
  • Auto create invoices
  • Financial clarity for management and clients
  • Available whenever, wherever