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            Customizing – Integrate with existing systems and personalize your fuel delivery

Besides the features and options, we offer, you also may have a special for a specific situation your business is going through. The unique customization may boost your company and enhance the daily tasks capability.

Sometimes our customization has no extra fees! As long as we can see all clients can benefit from the improvement.

There are three important factors responsible for a functional tool: time, functions, and investment.

You can book a consultation any time to add the desired feature. Our team is pleased to reach our consumer’s needs.

As manage Petro is a cloud solution and all the clients have all the same system, therefore we consider all of our clients’ when we make decisions on customizations.

Most of the time customizations are around supporting a third-party software and system that you need to keep running side-by-side with Manage Petro.  

If you are currently using another software to manage or run your company, the advantage of being a Manage Petro’s client is we support existing software and platforms, which means we have integration channels that could connect to other databases from another software, which leads you to keep your existing systems too.

For instance, assuming your company already utilizes a system for accounting, dispatching, GPS tracking, even connecting with hardware devices such as tank monitors sensors; then Manage Petro allows the data to come and preset in its dashboard. It means you will have everything you need under the same umbrella and you do not need to log in to multi accounts to manage your business. Manage Petro will be the front layer of all your business needs.