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Accounting Integration.

Your accounting software is absolutely necessary for your business. However, it isn’t capable of managing your entire fuel delivery operation.

So Manage Petro fully integrate accounting software’s such as QuickBooks, Sage / Simply Accounting, and more to give you the best of both worlds. Fuel management data and financial data are synchronized throughout the day Which eliminates any extra data entry. Instead of collecting a bunch of invoices that have to be retyped into your accounting software at the end of the day or week, our integrated solution sends all billable items to respective accounts automatically.

Manage Petro eliminates the need for bookkeeping because  it automatically imports the data from the back-office to accounting software.

Manage Petro sends invoices on their due dates, line by line tax details and  credit notes to your accounting software. We do the full connection between every account receivable (AR) and account payable (AP) in clients’ account while migrating your clients between your accounting software and manage petro back-office.

Manage Petro also supports products, inventory reconciliation, and tax account calculations, for your accounting department.

The accounting integration can also push reminders for payment collection alerts, apply late fees and handle online payment. When it comes to accounting, because manage petro tracks your rack prices and clients’ pricing models as well as any other fees in the system, manage petro’s report generator provides you with high-level accounting reports form its portal.

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  •  Automated bookkeeping
  •  Financial Reports
  •  Client access
  •  Tax and price calculation
  •  Rack price tracking
  •  Advanced transaction log review


  •  Fast invoicing, no delay in invoicing
  •  Higher safety standards
  •  Clarity and peace of mind (office and clients)
  •  Error-free tax, price, fees, credit calculation
  •  Hassle free bill payment
  •  Instant invoicing