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Wireless Mobile App

A free mobile app for fuel and fluid delivery drivers and fleet owners to manage their deliveries creating automatic invoicing, real time data, easy to use. Delivery fuel faster, get paid now!


  • Install the App
  • Setup your Clients
  • Setup your Routes
  • Export Invoices & delivery tickets

Main features

  • Third Party Integration Capabilities

    Manage Petro integrates with a wide range of platforms and services, providing a comprehensive solution that will optimize your daily process.
  • Fuel Inventory Tracking

    Interaction with Meter readers gives your drivers the freedom from making errors and eliminate double entry tasks. The wireless mobile App enters meter readings into the tablet instead of a paper meter book. IoT sensor integrations can alert drivers and dispatchers to fill up a tank automatically so tanks never go empty.
  • Automatic Invoices

    When your driver completes the delivery they can choose print or email the invoice directly to the customer. Payments can also be accepted through third party partnership through the tablet.
  • Real-Time Communication

    Our advanced technology allows for interaction with drivers, their trucks and back office. Delivery drivers automatically receive their routes, work orders electronically. Once Delivery's are completed, back office is updated automatically. Allowing for Dispatchers to monitor driver activity's throughout the day.
  • Internal SMS Alerts

    Automatic emails can be sent to communicate with your staff and customers directly. Your driver has completed an delivery and a email can be sent to the next customer letting them know their fuel is on the way. Always prepared Always ready.
  • Fleet Management

    Making sure your delivery drivers and trucks and in touch, on-time and up to date through Manage petro's wireless mobile app. Maintaining real time communications with personnel in the field. Allow's you to better manage your team and serve your customers at the highest level.
Manage Petro's Wireless mobile App Helps you better manage your team and better serve your customers.
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