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e-Log ELD.

What does an e-Log ELD do?

In its most basic form, e-Log ELDs track the movement of the vehicles and drivers’ duty statuses. As a result, they help carriers and truckers stay compliant with FMCSA’s ELD mandate.

What is the Mandate?

Ever since December 18, 2017, there has been a federal mandate requiring commercial vehicles to use an electronic logging device (ELD). Ever since April 1, carriers that do not comply can be put out-of-service with an impact to their CSA scores. You can prevent these problems with KeepTruckin, the number 1 rated ELD.

How KT's ELD works?

           Plug and Play solution

  •  ELD plugs into the truck’s diagnostic port with a cable provided by KT
  •  Driver connects to ELD with an iOS/Android device via Bluetooth or USB (Android only)
  •  Driver’s smart device sends information to Fleet Manager’s computer dashboard via internet


  •  Sends vehicle data to FM dashboard without internet connection
  •  All telematics data is sent directly to FM dashboard with cELD, but compliance data (logs, etc.) is  sent through mobile phone/tablet, so driver is compliant at road-side without coverage


  •  24/7 Support with 95% Satisfactory Rating
  •  Easy-to-use → 4.8 stars from 18,000+ reviews
  •  FMCSA Certified → Product built for compliance
  •  Used by 500,000+ drivers
  •  Backed by Google with a world-class engineering team
  •  Affordable: as low as $20/month


  •  #1 rating on ELD Reviews website comparing all competitive vendors
  •  Geofencing
  •  Clarity and peace of mind (office and clients)
  •  IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
  •  Idle Time Tracking
  •  Driver Scorecards