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Electronic Log Device (ELD) Compliance

Easy access and control over your fleet ELDs

Manage Petro has partnered with KeepTruckin to offer you a best-in-class, fully-compliant electronic logging device (ELD) solution. With the KeepTruckin solution, you’ll be up and running with fully-compliant logs as soon as you install the KeepTruckin ELD!

Through Manage Petro Integration with Keep Truckin, you do not need access to two dashboards. All the details of KeepTruckin are available though Manage Petro within the same system. 

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ELD Packages & Pricing

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What does an e-Log ELD do?
In its most basic form, e-Log ELDs track the movement of the vehicles and drivers’ duty statuses. As a result, they help carriers and truckers stay compliant with FMCSA’s ELD mandate.

What is the Mandate?

Ever since December 18, 2017, there has been a federal mandate requiring commercial vehicles to use an electronic logging device (ELD). Ever since April 1, carriers that do not comply can be put out-of-service with an impact to their CSA scores. You can prevent these problems with KeepTruckin, the number 1 rated ELD.
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How KT's ELD works?

Plug and Play solution

  •  ELD plugs into the truck’s diagnostic port with a cable provided by KT
  •  river connects to ELD with an iOS/Android device via Bluetooth or USB (Android only)
  •  Driver’s smart device sends information to Fleet Manager’s computer dashboard via internet


  •  Sends vehicle data to FM dashboard without internet connection
  •  All telematics data is sent directly to FM dashboard with cELD, but compliance data (logs, etc.) is sent through mobile phone/tablet, so driver is compliant at road-side without coverage


  •  24/7 Support with 95% Satisfactory Rating
  •  Easy-to-use → 4.8 stars from 18,000+ reviews
  •  FMCSA Certified → Product built for compliance
  •  Used by 500,000+ drivers
  •  Backed by Google with a world-class engineering team
  •  Affordable: as low as $20/month


  •  #1 rating on ELD Reviews website comparing all competitive vendors
  •  Geofencing
  •  Clarity and peace of mind (office and clients)
  •  IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
  •  Idle Time Tracking
  •  Driver Scorecards