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Buying the best rate


Fuel prices change from time to time (vary with time). Political conditions, international issues and market fluctuations will affect fuel prices and consumption. The location of the fuel terminal and supplier company also affects prices due to the ingredients used to blend into the fuels. For these reasons, fuel delivery companies always have a tough time tracking the fuel prices for the day and deciding the location to buy. Going through all the emails for the price updates from those companies or calling them daily is always a problem.

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Shadow of a person getting ready to steal fuel for a petroleum storage facility.

Unaccountable Inventory (Bulk Petroleum Inventory Loss)


Loss of inventory can hurt any business. In the case of the Fuel delivery companies’ inventory loss can be a physical loss or an adjusted loss. Physical loss of fuel is actual loss from the tank, which can be through a spill during its delivery or a leak. An oil spill is a nightmare for the fuel delivery company as they must deal with all the environmental regulations to clean up a spill.

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Man holding his head with his hands after committing a major error in the fuel distribution operations.

Eliminate Human Errors Often Found in Bulk Petroleum Distribution


Everyone makes mistakes at work, which makes us human errors in any business, resulting in significant loss of productivity and profit. Fuel delivery companies are always at risk of these errors as the workflow involves a lot of manual tasks. These companies go through the process of taking an order, making a dispatch, calculating fees, calculating unit prices for the fuel, preparing invoices, running payments at the office level, and having drivers fill out the forms about their deliveries.

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