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delivery management back-office

Manage Petro significantly improves your on-site fuel delivery operation. You can take away the cost of errors and wasted man-hour from your business through auto dispatching, auto invoicing, loss detection, forecasting, Mobile app, IoT, and accounting integration. You can make repetitive tasks in your operation automatic and become more profitable

Manage Petro is many systems in one. Maximize your drivers’ performance by benefiting from the Mobile app and IoT integration. Improve your customer satisfaction by using it as your CRM. Get a clear picture of your business metrics by the benefit from comprehensive reporting tool. Give access to your customer to place orders online, view their account or pay their bills. Get paid faster through the real-time connection with the driver. This means that right after a ticket is closed on a job-site, the invoice can be generated and sent to the client.

Cut cost and be more profitable through our loss detection module which deals with unaccounted inventory loss potentially as high as 5%. In addition to that, our solution provides you with a forecast based on historical data. This makes the ordering process optimal and takes out the guesswork. So you will maximize your time and resources and minimize the risk of having leftover inventory.

Make your operation effortless and error-free through an integration of Manage Petro with your devices like tank sensors (Veeder Roots), pumps, registers and etc. Your drivers can easily transition from one equipment to another with a touch of one button. They don’t need to write down the information any more or return to the meter in between fill-ups. All the dispensing volume is calculated automatically for each unit or piece of equipment. Manage Petro can stop the pump from doing unauthorized dispensing. It enables tanks sensors to re-order for the tank when they reach the low-level threshold. So you not only avoid unnecessary trips but also keep your clients’ tanks full on-time all the time.

Manage Petro’s Mobile app bridges the communication gap between the drivers and the office. Through the mobile app, office staff can assign the truck, route and work orders to the driver. A driver can submit the pre-trip checklist, notifications, transfer between compartments or trucks, capture the BOL, and monitor his/her inventory live. The mobile app notifies the driver for the next action s/he needs to take. All the activities such as opening a ticket, the delivery manifest, tank and volumes, closing ticket, captured signature, and the rest of the process is instantly synchronized with the office. Driver’s performance and behavior can also be measured and monitored through the data collected by the mobile device.

Our great advantage is that our system works just as well offline. Manage Petro stores the data in the devices companywide when the devices are offline. Full synchronization will happen when the devices are back online.

You can get a comprehensive picture of your business through our powerful and easy-to-use reporting feature. Manage Petro is a powerful system built on the latest cloud-based technology yet it is simple and easy to learn.

On-site Fuel Delivery Management Back-office software


  • Loss Detection Module
  • Forecast based on historical data
  • Integration with tanks
  • Integration with in-truck registers
  • Integration with pumps
  • Comprehensive Reporting


  • Measure and Manage
  • Accurate and easy
  • Auto re-order
  • No more manual data entry
  • Stop unauthorized dispensing
  • Powerful & easy to use