We know that managing all your business records on paper is a cumbersome task. You may need quick access to a customer’s contract or the paperwork of an incident that happened on a customer’s premises. Or maybe your customer has asked for a receipt they signed for the fuel you delivered. Accessing documents you need has to be easy but that’s not the case with paper records. Someone has to take charge of filing them and keeping them in check. Mistakes happen and important documents can go missing. Paper filing takes up both physical and mental space.

However, when documents are kept in electronic format, the system does the filing job for you. It becomes automatic so you don’t have to worry about it. Manage Petro is many systems in one, making your entire operation efficient and paperless. Use Manage Petro and you will have all the records in one location and attached to the customer’s profile. Your driver can capture the signature when fuel is delivered, take a picture if required and attach of all of these to client’s profile with just one click.

Manage Petro is a connection back office system that doesn’t have to wait for drivers to come back to the office to finalize the clients’ invoicing. As soon as the delivery is done and the delivery note is signed by the client, the system captures and sends all delivery details from drivers’ mobile app to your office.

Because all details are stored in the online system instantly, you can eliminate the use of paper in your office if you want to.

  • Supports Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG, CSV files
  • Private and public notes and attachments
  • Supports internal notes
  • Online archive access
  • Attachments to clients’ profile, orders& invoices
  • Financial clarity
  • Paperless
  • Instant photo and signature capturing
  • Online live access to documents
  • Generate invoices online by one click