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Gravity dump delivery

Manage Petro supports bulk delivery of fuel and lubricants. Our system handles the entire bulk delivery process including forecasting, gravity dump, dip reading and auto sensor reading (IoT) for locations such as convenience store, gas stations, and underground tanks. Our solution integrates with almost any digital sensor for auto re-order process. The re-order could even go to the auto dispatching schedule if a tank reaches its emergency threshold.

We are working with a partner to have the truck-pilot’s map feature that shows all of your bulk delivery trucks, their inventory, the route, and the arrival time estimation on a single page.

The re-ordering system could be based on metrics of your choice: burn rate calculation, dip reading, or sensor integration.

Gravity dump delivery


  • Automatic dip chart conversion
  • Integration with tank sensor
  • Forecasting based on burn rate
  • Auto re-ordering
  • Auto dispatching


  • Save time on fuel volume calculation
  • Live tracking of burn rates
  • Accurate and easy
  • Eliminate unnecessary trips
  • Keep the clients’ tank full on-time