Manage Petro offers automated and real-time monitoring of your heating oil and jet fuel delivery business, so you have complete control over your entire operation.

Our major benefit is that you can give access to your residential clients to review their orders, delivery manifest, and invoices. Manage Petro is fully connected and synchronized with accounting software, equipment sensor hardware, and third-party applications through APIs and web services.

Manage Petro’s smart automated invoicing helps eliminate human error to make your operation a risk-free environment. It allows you to create a customer’s monthly invoice in less than a minute.

Manage Petro gives you instant access to orders, deliveries, invoices, and reports on any device and platform in real-time. It keeps a full history of all the details you need including but not limited to price history, delivery details, and dispensing volumes. It breaks down data by location, sites, date range, unit, consumption, region and more to help you control cost.

Heating oil and jet fuel delivery system

  • Full integration with accounting software
  • Integration with Tank Sensor
  • Smart auto invoicing
  • Auto dispatching
  • Pricing system
  • Mobile App for drivers
  • Client’s online portal access
  • No more manual data entry
  • Auto reordering for tanks
  • One-Click invoice
  • Get paid faster
  • System calculated price and tax
  • Real-time communication with the office
  • All data in a central location
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Financial clarity