Manage Petro helps you handle your cash flow more efficiently through handling online payment, instant invoicing, pushing auto reminders for payment collection and applying late fees.

We automate your invoicing process through integration with your accounting software. Product’s delivery data and financial data are synchronized throughout the day which eliminates any extra manual data entry. Instead of collecting a bunch of invoices that have to be retyped into your accounting software at the end of the day or week, our mobile app and the integrated solution sends all billable items to respective accounts automatically.

Manage Petro gives the option to your clients to pay online so you can get paid faster. We make it easier for your clients to confirm and pay the invoices. They can log into the system to see their company’s status of delivery, signed slips, invoices, and payments.

Our solution enables you to trace delayed payments instantly. Manage Petro can send payment reminders to your clients if they have passed their payment’s due date. The system can also apply the late fees for you.

Payment collection

  • Clients’ access to orders and bills
  • Accounting software integration
  • Instant invoicing
  • Online payment options
  • Auto payment reminders
  • Reports and details
  • Invoice automatically
  • Increase credibility and trust with clients
  • Get paid faster
  • Better client service
  • Fewer payment delays
  • Automated efficient reminders
  • Eliminate bookkeeping