Man holding his head with his hands after committing a major error in the fuel distribution operations.


Everyone makes mistakes at work, which makes us human errors in any business, resulting in significant loss of productivity and profit. Fuel delivery companies are always at risk of these errors as the workflow involves a lot of manual tasks. These companies go through the process of taking an order, making a dispatch, calculating fees, calculating unit prices for the fuel, preparing invoices, running payments at the office level, and having drivers fill out the forms about their deliveries. Tasks performed by the office staff and the information gathered by the drivers depend on each other. Any error in one place has a ripple effect on other jobs. These human errors will cause significant damage to the company by losing customers’ credibility and sometimes losing their business altogether.

Automation is one-way fuel delivery companies can avoid human mistakes by automating repetitive tasks.

Human errors are primarily due to a lack of knowledge or experience performing particular tasks or a slip in concentration. Fuel delivery companies need data collection, data transfer and fuel price calculation to be automated and digitalized (as anything involving paper is always prone to errors). Automating these tasks will help apply the appropriate fees and taxes at the office level, thereby improving the accuracy in calculating the unit prices of the fuels. Adding to this, if the data collection part of the drivers is automated, it will impact the accuracy of the invoices. Automating all these tasks will help the company improve productivity, have inventory transparency, and build trust with their clients. 

How does Manage Petro Fuel Management System (FMS) portal help to eliminate human errors?

Manage Petro provides an automation solution to fuel delivery companies through its Fuel Management System (FMS) portal with features which automate all the tasks from placing an order to collecting the payment. FMS can automate office tasks like creating orders, preparing a dispatch and executing a delivery and an invoice. FMS will also help with the calculation of fuel prices. Through its mobile app, FMS can also control fuel truck registers to get all the readings automatically and send them to the office instantly. This communication between the FMS, mobile app and the records on the truck will help the drivers by providing timely warning messages. It warns the drivers when incorrect fuel types are selected during delivery and when opening the pumps at the wrong locations. With instant data transfer between the driver and the office, the office can be aware of the live inventory available at their disposal for planning their dispatch. FMS is also a portal and an automation solution, providing companies with an option to let clients access it. Clients can log in to it to place orders and look at previous orders and invoices. FMS can also be integrated with various accounting software through which data can be synced and help the bookkeeping.

Manage Petro’s FMS features which automate certain functions of the fuel delivery workflow, will help prevent human errors and improve the company’s productivity.

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