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What are the benefits of automated invoice processing for fuel delivery companies?

Every business needs an efficient flow of money to keep it running. In the case of fuel delivery companies, delay in invoicing a client is a significant obstacle as this delay leads to a delayed collection of those invoices. Preparing an invoice for a client of a fuel delivery company requires a lot of information ranging from the register readings to calculate the amount of fuel delivered to the taxes that the fuel and the Client are subjected to. Time taken to transfer that data between the drivers and the office is a critical factor in the delay of the invoicing process. Human errors in recording those register readings to calculate the amount of fuel delivered and mathematical errors in calculating the unit price for the fuel type by including all the margins and taxes are two challenges in finalizing the invoices. A minor fault in this process will cause the clients to raise concerns and delay collecting the payments on those invoices. All these factors lead to huge labour costs for the company.

Manage Petro is a SAAS solution that can automate the invoicing process for fuel delivery companies

Any solution that eliminates errors in collecting the data from the fuel registers and calculating the fuel unit price for the clients is a dream for fuel delivery companies. Suppose that it calculates the unit price for the Client automatically and can gather information directly from the register into a log. In that case, it will resolve the major hurdle in invoice preparation (which will eliminate the data entry errors). Automatic data transfer between the office and the delivery driver is another feature of an ideal solution which will lead to quick invoicing. Add to it the ability to process, record and follow up on invoice payments, making the solution a fantasy for fuel delivery companies.
Fuel Management System (FMS) from Manage Petro is a SAAS solution that can automate the invoicing process for fuel delivery companies. FMS is integrated with a mobile app that can communicate with the fuel registers, collect all the information from the registers into logs, and provides all the information required for an invoice, eliminating the need for manual calculations. This integration will result in live data transfer between the office and the driver, eliminating the waiting time in creating the invoices. All this data is saved into forms and will be available for the drivers, clients and the office. Along with the data collection, FMS also calculates the unit price of the fuels by including the company margins and taxes based on the Client’s billing address. FMS can automatically send the invoices to the clients after the delivery is completed using the data transferred from the mobile app. FMS also helps in processing and recording payments for the invoices and sends out reminders for unpaid invoices.
Quick invoicing and payment collection are significant factors that will affect the company’s health. Manage Petro’s FMS with its automation will help speed up this process and eliminate human errors to avoid payment delays.

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